My gorgeous little niece, Poppi.
My gorgeous little niece, Poppi. Contributed

OUR SAY: New arrival has filled my family with joy

ON SATURDAY my family marked the arrival of a very special new addition.

My brother Matt and his partner Brooke welcomed their little girl, Poppi, into the fold.

Three weeks early, but weighing a healthy three kilos, to say we were excited by her arrival would be a massive understatement.

I think moments like this make you realise how special life is.

Sure it gets hard and everyone will have difficult or troubled moments in their lives.

But when you have people who love and care for you, that makes all the difference in the world.

A few weeks ago, my family and our close friends sat around the dinner table on Christmas Eve.

As we enjoyed the magnificent spread my parents had laid out and exchanged gifts, I reflected on how truly blessed we were to have one another.

Little Poppi was there too, of course, but still safely in her mum's tummy at that stage.

At the time we didn't know if she would be a boy or a girl - her mum and dad were happy for it to be a surprise.

For weeks we've been imagining what it will be like when she arrives, but the reality is even better than anything our imaginations could have come up with.

Although she is only three days old, already I'm looking forward to her many milestones - her first steps, first Christmas, first birthday and first words (I'm sure they will be Aunty Carls).

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and I don't think he could have asked for a better present than the safe arrival of his little daughter, born one day before his 32nd birthday.

Happy birthday, Matt and little Poppi.

You're both very loved.

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