Our Facebook friends tell us what Easter means to them

WE ASKED our Facebook fans what Easter meant to them and the answers covered a broad spectrum including religion, chocolate and the beach.


Stuart Everson: The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, completing our redemption back to God.


Lauren MacGregor: Besides it's a stolen Pagan holiday ....chocolate, of course. I don't see the point of Easter to be honest.


Chelsea Hagen: It's about beautiful Jesus and His sacrifice for each one of us. His glorious resurrection!


Jess Nelson-Jones: Recovery after making so many hot cross buns.

Greg Sullivan: Means nothing. My work shuts down so I have no choice, everything costs more and tourists in my favourite fishing spots ... I prefer my holidays in none-holiday periods.

Alison Fareham: Rain!


Kez McKenzie: Camping with the family.


Vicki Taylor: Chilling out with family and friends.


Georgia Price: Spending time with family


Racheal Peatey: Absolutely nothing!


Nadine Haworth: Last long weekend before it cools down!


Glenice Hicks: Family time.


Monica Simpson: Spending time with family.


Jodie Douglas: No idea! As a business owner I can't understand public holidays.


Jac Burge: An excuse to eat chocolate!


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