OPINION: Oscar becomes a killer guard dog

WELL it seems it's not the size of the dog that counts, but how loud he barks.

At least that's the way Energex workers must view things after my ferocious eight-year-old Maltese terrier Oscar stopped them from connecting the electricity meter to the new solar panels I had installed two weeks ago.

Wondering just why I was still waiting, I rang Energex yesterday to be told that because I had an unfriendly dog, their workers were stopped in their tracks at my front gate.

Many of my friends had laughed at me when I told them I had a five-inch tall guard dog when I tried to talk up the prowess of my daughter's powder puff Maltese.

Thanks to Energex, I now have irrefutable evidence that Oscar the grouch - who has never bitten anyone or anything in its life except his rubber toy - can stop grown men in their tracks.

I am told the knee-trembling Energex workers would have left a card in my letterbox, telling me that they had been turned away from venturing into terror territory, but alas maybe the dog chewed that up because I haven't seen anything.

I now wonder if I hadn't bothered to ring Energex, whether I would have been still waiting a month down the track.

Many people who go to the great expense of putting solar panels on their roof don't realise that it's worth zilch to you until Energex come out and connect your meter to it.

They put a 10-day time delay on that and it seems that it doesn't take much to stop them from doing it.

What really annoys me is that they had my mobile phone number on my account, but never even bothered to dial the number to ask me about our ferocious fur ball.

I would say that some Energex workers could do with a lesson in showing some initiative.


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