Photo Renee Albrecht/Gympie Times
Photo Renee Albrecht/Gympie Times Renee Albrecht

OPINION: Welcome to Trumpland

WELL, wasn't that a surprise?

In what will certainly be remembered as one of the most ugly, bruising campaigns ever run in American history, the great political mechanism gave out one last spurt to shock us all before keeling over for good - shattered. President Donald Trump.

It wasn't supposed to end like this - well, not if you were paying attention to almost every major media outlet the world over.

Following controversy after controversy, this was to be a clean sweep for Hillary Clinton; common sense winning over sensationalism and fear.

They didn't count on one thing - just how angry and scared middle America is.

Tapping into fears about immigration, the decline of industry and a complacent political class, Mr Trump promised voters he would shake things up as never before. It worked.

The champagne will have been flowing in New York last night, but the new president faces a deeply divided and wounded nation.

This campaign has widened the schism between young and old, black and white, rich and poor.

Nobody can really say for certain what the next move is.

We're in a different world now, one a little more fearful, a little less optimistic.

Good luck Mr President, we're going to need it.

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