OPINION: New solutions needed for water assets

New solutions are needed to ensure the same old water problems aren't repeeated.
New solutions are needed to ensure the same old water problems aren't repeeated.

THE definition of insanity is often described as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, and it's a lesson which government bodies would do well to learn when it comes to our assets like water.

I was living on the Gold Coast at the time of the last drought, and while much was made of the water grid and desalination plants which were built to stop history from repeating, both seem to have become financial albatrosses - the water grid remains largely unused, and bar one brief moment in 2013, the plant was mothballed.

And of course the less said about the Traveston Crossing dam the better.

Rain water tanks seem the obvious answer, but the cost of installation on every property might pose an insurmountable burden, even with government assistance.

There's no doubt an innovative approach is needed to ensure regional areas like Gympie don't suffer the same fate as before.

Of course, it is easier to sit back and point out the emperor has no clothes than it is to suitably dress him, but if no-one ever takes the first step towards finding new solutions to a drought which will eventually repeat, then sometime in the future there's little doubt we'll be telling our kids it's "just like it was in the old days.”

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