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OPINION: Creepy clown craze - please think of the children

CLOWNS. Creepy, creepy clowns creeping around...

When the fad first started in America, I thought, thank goodness we have more sense.

But apparently not because now this ridiculous clown craze has spread to our shores and every day there is a new story about clowns terrorising another Aussie town.

In Queensland, a Facebook page has been set up listing towns and times for clowns to "purge".

But there is a difference between a bit of harmless fun and inciting fear.

And if the comments on Facebook are anything to go by, it's only the clowns that are finding this funny.

"What's the point of this 'Clown Purge'? Seems pretty random dressing up as a clown inciting fear in strangers. I'm all for random funny pranks but I think this is going too far in some circumstances," one user wrote on previously mentioned Facebook page.

I agree. And I know it's a cliché but someone needs to think about the children.

These costumes are terrifying adults. What sort of psychological damage are they going to cause children?

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