Council loses $4500 bucket

WE ARE all human and sometimes we lose stuff that, try as we might, we never find again - favourite earrings and little love notes.

Eventually, we just have to write that stuff off and move on with our lives.

Sometimes things go missing at Gympie Regional Council, too.

Big, expensive things like excavator buckets.

The council voted to write a $4500 Hitachi excavator bucket off this week, as it "hasn't been used for several years" and the council is now "unable to locate it".

There is a chance it will turn up somewhere, the council heard, but still it voted to write it off.

This raised some concerns with new councillor Mick Curran who questioned the efficiency of the council's "checks and balances" in keeping track of its equipment.

"What sort of audits are we undertaking in relation to our assets?" he asked.

The mayor wasn't too happy either, and appealed to all "outside" staff to be more careful with council property.

He said he had seen temporary signs left behind after council roadworks or mowing, and sometimes the signs stayed there so long they fell over and were run over by the mower.

Works director Bob Fredman defended his staff.

"We have got hundreds if not thousands of items of equipment and we work to keep track of them all," he said.

"We do the best we can but sometimes things fall through the cracks, particularly items that are rarely used.

"I am not saying (the bucket) is missing. I am saying it appears to be missing. These things have a habit of turning up.

"It is up to the council to determine how much time and effort you want us to put into keeping track of all these things."

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