One Nation: We're not giving up on Gympie

Pauline Hanson
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Letter to the Editor

One Nation 'not giving up on Gympie'

WHILST we didn't win we are not giving up on Gympie.

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Northern parts of Gympie region still a One Nation stronghold

I would like to sincerely thank all our supporters who assisted throughout the campaign, and for their awesome display of dignity and restraint. I am so proud to be your representative during sometimes trying periods.

I especially wish to thank all those who voted for One Nation and assure them that I and One Nation will continue to advocate for the Gympie region.

Chelle Dobson,

One Nation candidate for Gympie

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Koalas dying

THE koala road mortalities are mounting (in Gympie region).

Another koala was killed a few weeks ago at the hot spot on Tin Can Bay Road at Kia Ora, and a female koala was hit on the Mary Valley Highway on Wednesday last week. She went to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital but did not survive her injuries.

We are urging the community to help in raising awareness about this issue. Put simply, koalas are nocturnal, and are crossing our local roads from dusk to dawn (one of these koalas was hit as 6.30pm, and the other at 1am). And with breeding season now, koalas are even more active and more at risk from vehicle strike and dog attack.

If anyone is driving our country roads between dusk to dawn, please slow down, and watch road edges for movement.

And have a wildlife rescue number ready in your phone. Sadly this takes the total to four koala mortalities in the Tinana Creek to Tinana Road stretch since July. We have asked Main Roads and Transport to urgently look at what can be done at this koala crossing hot spot. The 100km/h speed limit there needs to be reduced, for a start. Similarly on the Mary Valley Road; this brings the known koala road toll to four since July.

Many residents have told us they believe the 100km/h speed too high and believe it should be 90km/h.

I am advised the email to direct concerns is

Local residents formed a small koala conservation group three years ago to try to help our koala populations, in the face of the many threats that are causing the ongoing declines in koala numbers.

We need a whole of community guardianship role of this special species.

If you would like to share your ideas, or help in any way, contact Koala Action Gympie Region (there is a group in Widgee too).

Phone 5483 5242 or find us on Facebook.

Michelle Daly,

Koala Action Group Gympie

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Drought continues

AS RAINBOW Beach Droughtrunners continues to deliver food parcels to the Longreach area, I can give an up to date prognosis on the conditions out west. The country from the Coast to the Mitchell area looked in great heart as I returned on November 3.

Morven area did not look good, and Tambo area was very bad. The result of storm rains were observed through to Barcaldine but as you headed to Longreach the country progressively got worse. Apparently some good isolated falls have been received towards Winton and Muttaburra.

As I deliver food parcels to Centacare and St Brigids in Longreach the mood is sombre as the co-ordinators are flat out delivering food parcels to needy families and dealing with mental health issues. How long this will go on for is anyone's guess, but rain will not be the only saviour for many. Government assistance for many on the land is virtually non existent as any household support stopped after three years. No stock, no income, no jobs so it's a hard life out west. Many families have walked or will walk as banks move in when the season improves.

A big thank you to all who have donated food parcels and Christmas presents. Your help is much appreciated and you will be publicly thanked later. Donations from Tin Can Bay have been unbelievable followed by Rainbow Beach and western Victoria.

A big thank you to Bernard Petroleum for there continued fuel sponsorship. Anyone wanting to help can donate at IGA or BOQld Gympie BSB 124047 A/C 22599186. (RainbowBeachDroughtrunners)

Tony Stewart,

Rainbow Beach

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