Stand up: Wide Bay One Nation candidate Santo Ferraro.
Stand up: Wide Bay One Nation candidate Santo Ferraro.

One Nation pushes policies

ONE Nation usually gets a bad rap in the media, Santo Ferraro admitted yesterday, but that isn’t stopping the One Nation candidate from running for the Wide Bay seat in the federal election.

Not a newcomer in the political scene, Mr Ferraro has run before for the seat of Nicklin – where he was “pipped at the post by Peter Wellington” – and first joined the One Nation Party in 1997.

This time he is brandishing One Nation policies on immigration and the economy to address what he sees as major issues in this year’s election.

He is “dead against any increase to the GST”, which he says is inevitable if the Australian Labor Party is voted in for another term.

With a prediction the ALP will raise the GST by five per cent to help cover debts “racked up” since they took over leadership, it’s no doubt Mr Ferraro is hoping to swing voters from the major parties on polling day (August 21).

“They have bankrupted every state government they have controlled for any length of time and now they have bankrupted the Federal Government in just one term. They will be chasing lots of tax revenue,” Mr Ferraro said.

He is advocating on behalf of One Nation that the government get back to providing temporary visas to immigrants and refugees, something he said One Nation put on the table before the Liberal Party copied it.

But One Nation also wants an emergency provision for immigrants who enter the country illegally that would trigger deportation – except in extreme circumstances – with no further consideration to live in the country for another 10 years.

Mr Ferraro said at the moment Indonesia was “laughing at us” and doing very little to help stem the numbers of boat people coming to Australia.

“Once they pass the first port of call, Indonesia, they are immediately not rendered as refugees.

“They are coming through in droves. We’ve just got to get serious.

“When One Nation talks about these types of policies, we are labelled as racist but now the two major parties have to talk about it.

“But what they are saying is basically lip service.

“They’re not committed to solving immigration.”

Mr Ferraro is also asking voters to stand up to the major parties and stop giving their first preference to them.

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