One leg two many an exciting find

THE five-legged toad Jacob and Izaac Briggs discovered in their back yard last Saturday.
THE five-legged toad Jacob and Izaac Briggs discovered in their back yard last Saturday.

KEEN explorers Jacob, 8, and Izaac, 5, have amazed their mum and dad with the discovery of a five-legged toad in their back yard last Saturday.

For the two boys, it was probably their most exciting find yet, as mum Kellie Briggs said, “They are always out looking for creatures and things.”

“Izaac came running in calling ‘mum, mum we’ve found a frog with five legs’...they were very interested in watching it hop.”

When asked what could have caused the mutation, Kellie had no idea. “Our dogs, cows and chooks are all fine,” she said but the question raised some concern.

“It’s a very weird thing.”

The boys were so excited they wanted to keep it and put it in a chest of drawers in their cubby house but not before watching it hop around for a while.

They discovered the extra leg was non-functional and the toad used its normal four legs to hop while the fifth just flopped around.

Kellie and her husband Rick have lived on their one-and-a-half acre Chatsworth property with their four children for more than three years and said they had never seen anything like it before.

“It was quite small in size. The front of it looked like a normal cane toad.”

But it was far from normal, as the boys discovered and now that it has hopped away, they reckon its distinctive features should make it easy to spot again.

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