Craig Warhurst

Old friends rekindle memories and tales

I'M amazed that the parents and teachers of Tin Can Bay P-10 State School had the energy left to party at the school's 75th anniversary following the successful ArtFest Day held earlier on Saturday.

Bedecked and bedazzled with red, white and blue balloons and beautiful white chair covers, the Tin Can Bay Community Complex looked a picture.

The ex-Principal, Peter Baker, had travelled back to Tin Can Bay from his educational position in Vietnam while ex-Deputy Principal, Stuart Spencer, came along to act as MC.

Appetisers were brought to the table to snack on and a lovely roast was for dinner, with a selection of desserts to follow.

The musical entertainment was mixed and varied and took in all the different ages of music. This was provided by four piece group, Sneaky Pete and their tunes coaxed many up onto the dance floor.

Two of the original students at the primary school were the stars of the evening. Vera Mallett and Marian Friske seem to have been in Tin Can Bay forever and relate joyful stories of their lives here. They had the honour of cutting the cake and they held each other's hands, as if remembering their younger days at school.

Stuart Spencer made mention of the fishing families whose children have attended Tin Can Bay School over the years, families such as the Lee, Reibel, Sterling, McAndrew, Pointon, Kreibke and Duggan, to mention just a few. A special mention was made of Keith Clark from the Ambulance as one who has greatly supported the school.

Stuart also took many on a humorous memory tour, mentioning that some naughty boys received lashes from the cane for looking up girl's dresses!

“The Spencer boys”, Stuart said, “were particularly bad boys.”“One Dennis Spencer was told off for his gross laziness, stubbornness and his nails being embedded with filth!”

Rodney Staines was pointed out for being the first student to be suspended from the newly built P-10 School. He must have learned something, as he has since become the Area Manager for eight Subway stores in the region.

Other stories to come to light were one about an archery lesson some students were having. One disobedient student let his arrow fly, accidentally hitting a duck in midflight. It makes you wonder if he needed lessons after all.

Stuart recalled a sporting moment. “In 1983, the school team for AFL, the Cooloola Cats, won a match from Biggenden by 391 points! The celebrations went on for days,” he said. “The Principal at that time was Gary Brennan.”

Much talking between old friends went on during the evening

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