Offender chose to do the crime

A MAN thought he was going to have to leave court with police on Monday, after acting Gympie Magistrate Dennis Beutel told him he would a three-month sentence for receiving tainted property.

The court heard Timothy Michael Barnett, 34, received a computer monitor, cordless home telephone, iPod dock, Xbox and an LCD computer monitor stolen from Big W. The items were found by police at Barnett's home in Helen Street.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jason Todman said the items were worth $1500 and without buyers the market for stolen goods would dry up.

Sgt Todman said Barnett had previous convictions for breaking and entering. He said the defendant had also breached probation and an “intensive drug order” in the past and he had been imprisoned.

Sgt Todman told the court Barnett should be locked up, given his previous attempts at rehabilitation hadn't worked. “The defendant is still dabbling in stolen goods,” Sgt Todman said.

Barnett said he had successfully completed two probation orders.

“I was having a hard time and (was) offered some cheap property.

“I don't own much as I've just gotten out of jail and made the wrong decision – I haven't used drugs since I moved to Gympie,” he said.

Mr Beutel said since Barnett had moved to Gympie he had been involved in other dishonesty matters and chose to offend again.

“The court has no option than a further sentence of imprisonment,” he said.

Beutel gave Barnett a three-month custodial sentence, suspended for two years.

“I considered a parole release day but it seems probation and parole doesn't seem to work. If you commit another offence you will serve three months.

He said having the sentence hanging over his head may lead Barnett to stop offending.

Gympie Times

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