'Obsessive stalker' jailed in Gympie court

STALKER: A Gympie court has jailed a man described as an obsessive stalker after he repeatedly offended against his former girlfriend
STALKER: A Gympie court has jailed a man described as an obsessive stalker after he repeatedly offended against his former girlfriend innovatedcaptures

A MAN whose stalking of an ex-girlfriend has already put him in prison, now faces more jail, three years of probation and a 10-year ban on contacting his Gympie victim.

The offences were linked by a Gympie District Court judge this week to what she described as the former Gympie man's "obsessive traits and disposition to offending.”

Judge Leanne Clare declared the offences to be domestic violence related and included in the probation order a requirement that the man undergo "whatever medical, psychological or psychiatric treatment” is required by correctional authorities.

The judge told the man, who is not identified because of the domestic violence related nature of his offences, that the purpose of this treatment would be "to assist you to overcome the obsessive traits and disposition to offending, to the extent it results in your anti-social behaviour.”

The man appeared in prison uniform in the dock when he faced Gympie District Court on Monday and Tuesday.

He was convicted of unlawfully stalking the woman between September 30, 2015 and November 4, last year.

He was also convicted of obstructing a Maryborough prison officer without reasonable excuse on June 3 and was found to have breached a Gympie Magistrates Court suspended sentence.

Judge Clare declared 271 days in jail last year and this year to be time already served on a 10-month sentence.

The court was told during sentencing submissions that the man's more recent behaviour also breached two other magistrates court suspended sentences.

The judge ordered that those sentences, from June 21 and August 18 last year, be activated and served.

They will apply concurrently with his head sentence on the stalking matter, Judge Clare ruled.

The sentence will mean the man, 55, will serve approximately another month in prison, taking into account the time he has already served in the form of pre-sentence custody between November 24 last year and August 21.

Sentencing him, Judge Clare added the declaration that his unlawful stalking was a domestic violence offence.

The restraining order she imposed will ban him from any contact, direct or via another person or by any means, with the victim, effective immediately.

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