Nuisance given jail

A YOUNG Gympie man who "went crazy" at Billys two months after being arrested over a stoush with another man in the Gympie CBD, and four months before he assaulted a man while in company at a party, is lucky to have his freedom this week.

Sage Moon Edwards, 20, pleaded guilty to four charges in Gympie Magistrates Court on Monday: being a public nuisance on March 16 and May 13, breaking a condition of his bail on May 13 by drinking alcohol, and assault in company causing bodily harm on September 4.

The offences were committed while he was on two suspended jail sentences.

The court heard Edwards had recently spent a stretch in jail, where he received some horrific injuries which will take him a long time to recover from and will need 12 months rehabilitation.

Without revealing the circumstances behind Edwards' injuries, his lawyer told the court he still had "open" wounds on his leg and arm and had needed numerous skin grafts and a major operation.

"He has suffered horrifically as a result of going to jail."

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin told Edwards people wanted to be able to go out in Gympie in safety with their children and not have to fear being involved in or witnessing violence.

She activated both his suspended jail sentences, which meant he was immediately sentenced to seven months and 11 days in jail, but set Monday as his parole release date. Edwards must also pay the assault victim $700 compensation and will be on a suspended jail sentence for another two years.

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