Caravan park closure 'nothing new'

PLANS to close the Imbil caravan park have not been suddenly sprung on the town and are part of a process that began 10 years ago, Mary Valley Councillor Jan Watt said yesterday.

Cr Watt, who is also the council’s Sport, Recreation and Parks Committee chairman, said residents had been involved since 2000 in council’s Local Area Plan, which includes reference to preparing an open space policy looking at key areas of parkland and “opportunities to integrate the creek and the town area”.

She said the community had been surveyed in 2007 about closing the park because it was in “the wrong spot” and good water access was needed for visitors.

Cr Watt said major urban developments approved for Imbil would mean about 200 new homes and the lease of 20 acres of recreational land to the show society meant there was an increasingly urgent need to plan for other recreational uses in areas around the township because the potential for general recreation on the site had now been restricted.

She said strategic planning was vital to cater for the imminent growth of the area.

The effects of growth, in limiting spare space while also increasing demand for it, affected the Imbil central business area, markets, Memorial Park railway land and the caravan park, among other crucial assets.

The council had resolved to work closely with Imbil caravan park residents who may need help to find new accommodation over the next year and had resolved this week to review the closure date to allow more time if necessary. She promised council would liaise with the community on all relevant issues.

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