Machete man fined $1500

WHICH is scarier? Seeing a man wave a 35cm machete at you while driving on the Bruce Highway near Gympie.

Or the same man having three bolt-action rifles, a semi-automatic rifle and 787 rounds of ammunition in a blanket in his boot.

Isaac Milan Robert Zaknic was fined $1500 when he faced Maroochydore Magistrates Court Monday on weapons charges.

A BMW driver reported the machete-waving Zaknic about 3.45pm on Boxing Day.

Zaknic claimed the man had waved an iron bar at him in a road rage incident when police caught up with him at Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast.

Magistrate John Hodgins said the Tasmanian massacre which sparked laws prohibiting gun possession without a licence were well-known throughout Australia, even in rural areas.

He said Zaknic had two children in the car and questioned what could have happened if other driver had other weapons too.

"We could have had an old western shoot out," he said.

"(But) this is not a frontier town, we are in the 21st century. The whole thing sounds bizarre and not acceptable in our society. If you want guns, you get a licence and you store them safely."

Police prosecutor Tony Melmeth said there were two women and two children in the car when police found the weapons.

He said Zaknic claimed he used the knife for fishing.

Lawyer Michael Robinson said his client, a father of two, had been shooting hares and pigs on the family property at Curra on Christmas Day.

He asked the court not to draw sinister views about the weapons in the car.

"Who has four rifles in this age? That's just extraordinary," Mr Hodgins said.

"The sinister part is the volume of weapons and ammunition he had without a licence and in his car."

Mr Robinson said the boiler maker inherited the guns from a friend who died six months prior and he was using them legally to shoot animals on a farm.

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