Fraser Island dingo.
Fraser Island dingo. Alistair Brightman

Not enough done for dingoes says activist

OPINION: IT IS very disappointing and disheartening that so early in the year we hear of four dingoes euthanased. Three from illness or injury, it seems cause of the trauma cannot be determined, and one for aggressive behaviour towards a tourist.

There is no veterinary care or facility on the Island, the length of time necessary for a vet to travel from the mainland is unsatisfactory and would greatly diminish the chances of survival for any sick or injured animal. (SFID) Save Fraser Island dingoes Inc. has been lobbying to establish a wildlife care centre on the island for some time, but this has been rejected by government.

Again we ask the government to consider the welfare of the Fraser Island dingo. The Ecosure Review (2012) clearly recommended that animal welfare and ethical considerations should be a major concern. The continued killing of 'problem' animals is not addressing either the ethical considerations or animal welfare issues.

Fencing was proposed as an effective solution to separate people from dingoes but recently there have been animals wandering around Kingfisher which is a supposedly secure fenced resort. The responsibility to prevent any interaction with visitors in secure areas such as Kingfisher lies with QPWS.

The (FIDCRMS) Fraser Island Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy states that research must continue to ensure evidence based decision making, but funding is not forthcoming and many projects have been put on hold. Periodic reports on the effectiveness of the (FIDCRMS) and annual collaborative meetings with all stakeholders are other proposals that also seem to have been put on hold.

Twelve animals have been lost over a ten month period and that is just the number that has officially been reported. It is now mating season which adds even more stress to the animals competing for territory and companions.

If the year continues as it has started it could be a disastrous year for our Fraser Island dingoes, we must question if the population can sustain the continued loss of so many animals.

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