The top of Mellor Street
The top of Mellor Street Donna Jones

Nobody seems to know why the move to Mellor St was suggested


HAVING no interest in or care about the Gold Rush parade, or Mary St, as a spectator it's been an entertaining bit of public theatre, starring Mayor Curran doing backflips any gymnast would be proud of, if such are part of the parade?

Nobody seems to know why the move to Mellor St was suggested. My guess would be that it's because it's in the general direction of the Rattler, the Mayor's pet project which needs all the help it can get. Regardless, what it did do was make evident a gaping sore in that Mellor St doesn't offer much to attract people and no shade, not to mention the risks to backs etc from standing on a slope for any period of time.

Bearing in mind that there's really no connection between the Rattler and the unfortunately positioned Mary St one can't help but wonder about the sense in spending rare funding, and ratepayer's money, on Upper Mary St, even further disconnected from the Rattler, while Mellor St remains as described above?

Sadly this is very indicative of the ad-hoc 'planning' Gympie has always suffered and looks to continue suffering with further 'plans' to spend further funds on a very dubiously warranted transit centre, again further away from the Rattler, the supposedly main tourist attraction.

To read recently from a councillor that Upper Mary St has to go ahead for no apparent reason other than money has been spent on 'planning' it shows how inflexible and lacking in agile thinking the old mates club of our council remains.

The 'plans' will still be there, if indeed whenever a proper traffic plan is created for Gympie it deems it to still be a good idea. That's debatable seeing as under current (lack of) plans Upper Mary St remains a busy through road.

Until, and unless contracts for the work have already been signed, despite there being some public disquiet about it, there's absolutely nothing to stop council putting Upper Mary St in the maybe file, apart from the seemingly common pigheadedness and lack of respect for public opinion.

Unless the Rattler and Mary St are somehow connected, better than by an identified as lacking Mellor St, both will lose out on whatever benefit they may offer each other. Maybe money should be spent in that direction rather than in the exact opposite?

I completely fail to comprehand where our councilors' heads are, which pleases me, but only in that I proudly don't think like they do, and never wish to! 



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