No kidding, this is exciting news: letter

Aerial view of the Gympie Aquatic Recreation Centre (ARC) with solar panels visible from the roofs.
Aerial view of the Gympie Aquatic Recreation Centre (ARC) with solar panels visible from the roofs. Contributed


Pool back in action

YAY! We again have a heated swimming pool at 30 degrees.

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No kidding, this is exciting news and congratulations to all involved in getting this facility working so well once more.

Beverley D.J. Lyons (Joy),



'Grateful Granny'

I WOULD like to thank those who helped me after I fell over last Sunday (June 11) on my way to attending the Gympie netball carnival.

I'm grateful for the concern shown to me by those who came to my assistance and the first aiders. After attending to my injuries I was able to watch my granddaughter's team have a narrow win against team Maryborough.

Thanks again to caring Gympie community members and volunteers who helped me. Congratulations on the successful local event which was well attended with lots of goodwill observed by players, officials and spectators.

Grateful Granny,

Bernadette Mewburn,


Shame to miss a great cause

FOR the first time in several years I missed the Veteran Hall Biggest Morning Tea.

For years I have enjoyed the fun and meeting new people although we have lived in Veteran for over 11 years. Why did I miss it? Because I saw no road signs advertising it anywhere in the Veteran area, or out on Sandy Creek Rd where in previous years they have been displayed.

I rang a friend across the valley, inadvertently on the evening it was held.

I thought it was usually in June. I heard they had a good turn out, well supported in catering and raffles by local businesses.

Congratulations on the cause. I hope I hear about it in time next year to attend.

G. Penrose,


Stop subsidising coal

WE ALL pay our rates notices twice a year and are happy to have our sewerage treated and garbage removed and buried, so they don't pollute local water ways, the sea, and the air. No one calls the charges for this a tax.

So why is there this abhorrence to the idea of paying for excess CO2 produced by fossil fuel combustion? CO2 is a waste product, just like your garbage and sewerage. It is a pollutant that is already changing the climate and sea levels. It cannot be captured and stored so it must be discouraged from being produced by charging for its release.

The only reason that coal has been so cheap for so many years is that we haven't had to pay for the pollutant, CO2. As we procrastinate action on this, the cost of preventing runaway global warming and climate disruption becomes more and more expensive and the cost of dealing with the damage increases.

If, after all that, we really can't bring ourselves to "tax” CO2, we at least need to stop subsidising coal and make it easier for solar and wind and other renewables to start working.

Neither major party has a solution that will see us through to the other side. We need to demand a stop to this catastrophic Adani mine and subsidies for coal. The future of jobs and the economy lie in solar and other renewables, as demonstrated by almost all the rest of the world.

Steve Hall,

Black Mountain

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