Man drove 195kmh in 90kmh zone

A DRIVER who was chased by police after being clocked travelling at 195 kilometres per hour in a 90 kmh zone on one of Australia’s most dangerous sections of road, the Bruce Highway at Federal south of Gympie, appeared in Noosa Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Joel Andrew Cowie pleaded guilty to drink-driving and dangerous operation of a vehicle when he appeared before Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan.

The court heard Cowie, 28, drove drunk because he wanted to see his girlfriend on the Gold Coast.

About 11pm on April 9, police were conducting mobile radar patrols northbound on a 90kmh section of the Bruce Highway at Federal when they saw a southbound car, driven by Mr Cowie.

Police recorded the speed of the car at 195kmh.

They attempted to pursue, but aborted because of the extreme speed.

However, about two kilometres down the road, police observed the speeding car tailgating a utility.

Both were pulled over and police noticed the utility had been damaged, the result of being rammed by Mr Cowie’s car.

The smell of liquor was detected on Mr Cowie’s breath and, in a roadside test, he recorded 0.196% BAC.

Mr Cowie had been travelling from Blackwater when he was pulled up.

He had been driving for about six hours before he was caught.

Police prosecutor Shane Raisin said both men had put the lives of themselves and other road users at significant risk.

He described the incident involving Mr Cowie as the worst he had seen that had not resulted in serious injury or death on the dangerous stretch of road.

Cowie lost his licence for two years and was placed on a 9-month intensive correction order.

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