YOUR SAY: No excuse with postal voting

I WOULD like to comment on Graham Engeman's letter (July 20).

There were about 9000 non-voters, while 24,000 did vote.

What does that tell you?

I liked his reasons, windy weather, dry day, did not receive it, thought it was junk mail.

I will use his reasons for not paying my rates, Telstra, AGL, Visa, car registration bills and any other thing that comes through the mail.

I can do away with 'the cheque is in the mail'.

Were they delivered?

What an insult to Australia Post.

Rather than a fine perhaps the non-voters should be struck from the roll for the next election.

No wonder the council does not want the non-voters fined as, say, there was an average of 900 non-voters per ward which could affect them in their ward in the next council election.

Another one is perhaps the council should pay the 24,000 who did vote for their effort and an incentive for the 9000 to vote next time around.

State and Federal candidates get paid an amount per vote, which is really my money.

I am all for the mail vote as it must have saved the Electoral Commission a bucket. What is the cost of a polling booth for 10 plus hours?

I did not have to brave the 'How to vote' mob. No need to get to a polling booth and find a car park.

It must have been better for the aged, etc.

At 27.3%, what a joke, and to think they drive.

Colin Saunders,


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