What is the fate of the Kybong servo?

Matilda the kangaroo is at the Matilda Service Station at Kybong.
Matilda the kangaroo is at the Matilda Service Station at Kybong. Craig Warhurst

WITH the upgrades to the Bruce Hwy south of Gympie expected to be completed by the end of the year, attention has turned to the fate of the Puma service station at Kybong.

The widely-used station and rest stop employs around 50-60 Gympie region locals, but there are serious concerns about it's ongoing sustainability once the new highway is opened.

Despite this, Retail Manager for Puma Gregg Pluis said there were no immediate plans for the site.

"The station at Kybong belongs to a franchisee rather than Puma outright," Mr Pluis said.

"But as far as we're aware, it's very much a feeling of wait-and-see."

A drop in passing traffic is expected as the upcoming Section C of the Bruce Hwy stretches from Traveston to Woondum.

Despite this, Mr Pluis remains hopeful the site will remain a beacon for passing traffic.

"For those who'll be making a long trip up and down the coast, we'll still be there providing high quality customer service," he said.

Incentives including fuel discounts are being considered to keep drivers making a pit-stop.

"We have a commitment to local drivers as well that we want to honour," Mr Pluis said.

As for the iconic statue of Matilda from the 1982 Commonwealth Games, Mr Pluis said she'll have a home in Kybong for the foreseeable future.

When asked if there were any plans to relocate closer to the new section of the highway in the future, he said all cards were on the table.

"There are currently expressions of interest for the new bypass," he said.

"But anything more concrete than that is still a way off."

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