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No answer on telephone bill

EXCOMMUNICATED Telstra customers George and Gail Day wish to assure the community that they are not undercover agents for an interstate police service.

The Cootharaba Road residents say they have suffered enough, after being sent telephone bills to their Post Office box number but addressed to the “Tasmania Police.”

Now, they have also had their phone and internet services cut off for not paying bills they have been attempting to deal with and pay since October last year.

“You can't get through to anyone,” truck driver George said yesterday of his attempts to contact Telstra to sort out the problem. “Our phone number is in both names but it is unlisted. It is not in the name of the Tasmania Police.

“I probably should not have opened the bill since it is addressed to someone else - and you do think twice when the addressee is the police.

“I put the first one straight back into the Post Office (in October) and told them it was wrong,” George said.

“Then they sent us another one, with the original one enclosed.

“That one I opened, even though you are not supposed to open mail for someone else.

“We did receive a final one, for part payment, which I paid.

“Then we got another one in December.

“I haven't opened that one. Why would I?” he asked.

“Legally I probably shouldn't have opened the first one, which wasn't addressed to me.

“Now our phone and internet have been cut off.

“I just want Telstra to send me a bill and I'll pay it,” the frustrated telecommunications consumer said yesterday.

“It just shows they are not operating competently.

“I rang Telstra about an earlier problem and they said they'd be out to fix it in a couple of days. They didn't turn up for weeks.

“If you ring them, all you get is a robot and, after all the numbers you press, you might get a person. You may struggle to understand them because of their accent or you get a person who speaks English perfectly and can't understand our accent.”

A Telstra representative yesterday returned a call from The Gympie Times and told us that she would investigate the problem and get back to us.

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