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Nike is working on 'Back to the Future' shoes for 2015

NIKE is developing the shoes every Back to the Future fan has been dreaming of since the 1980s, to be released before the end of the year.

The "Power Lacing" high-top sneakers made famous by Michael J. Fox in the sci-fi, time-travelling trilogy are now being considered by their team of experts although their cost and release date is yet to be confirmed.

They will be known as Nike Air MAG.

The scene that started the hype:


Nike Innovation Chief Tinker Hatfield assured the crowd at US trade fair they would be released before year's end, adding, there was still "11 and two-thirds months left in 2015".

Sneaker expert Matt Halfhill from the NiceKicks blog told Mashable, "The anticipation for this release is something that few understand.

"I don't even know if everyone at Nike realises just how much demand there is for this shoe."

Nike has been dining off the publicity for the future shoes for years, even releasing a commercial in 2011 describing "the finest footwear available on the market today".

Just 1500 were put on the market at the time to be sold as a fundraiser for Michael J. Fox's charity.

No word yet on how many, if any, will be released to Australians.



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