Newman arrogant, Coast MP reveals

POPULAR Sunshine Coast independent MP Peter Wellington has launched a broadside at Campbell Newman, describing the would-be premier as arrogant.

He also accused the LNP leader of treating independent and minor party politicians like they have no role to play in Queensland.

Comments from the Nicklin MP stemmed from Mr Newman's warning in Nambour last month against “an attraction” to vote for independents.

Mr Newman launched the LNP bid to take Mr Wellington's seat at the next election with celebrity recruit John Connolly, a former Wallabies rugby union coach..

Mr Newman's message was that for Nicklin to benefit under a future LNP government, it needed an LNP politician.

“Quite frankly, my perception of him (Campbell Newman) is he is becoming very arrogant,” Mr Wellington said.

“To say that independents and minor political parties in Queensland have no role to play … I just see that as a sign of his arrogant attitude towards Queenslanders.”

When asked about Mr Wellington's comments, Mr Newman said voters had a choice between Labor and the LNP.

“If Queenslanders want to get rid of Labor, they need to vote for the LNP,” he said.

“A vote for an independent or a minor party will see Anna Bligh, Paul Lucas and Andrew Fraser returned to government in Queensland.”

In an interview with the Daily, Mr Wellington said safe seats had been ignored in the past by whichever party was in government.

He said they would be ignored in the future as well, including those held by the LNP on the Sunshine Coast.

However, Mr Newman said, “The LNP team and I take no seat for granted.”

“And unlike Labor, we care about all Queenslanders, not just those in Brisbane.

"My team will deliver for the Sunshine Coast in the same way my council team delivered for Brisbane.”

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