New website names and shames bad drivers

A NEW website has been set up to shame bad drivers and so far it seems Australians are uploading more than anyone else. 

The website encourages people to send in videos, photos and licence plate numbers of bad drivers. 

The website's Australian webmaster Nadav Golombick said the reasons for the website included improving road safety, deterring bad driving and increasing awareness of dangers on roads. 

"We name and shame bad drivers by showing their vehicle licence plates and adding them to a database that can be searched by anyone visiting the site," he said. 

Uploaders can select from more than 30 categories including illegal parking, accidents, changing lanes without signalling, cheating traffic, cutting off another driver, distracted and reckless driving, taking up more than one parking space, driving against the traffic, hit and runs, illegal stopping or parking, illegal u-turns, littering, not stopping at a red light, parking in handicapped parking without a permit, road rage and tailgating. 

Mr Golombick said: "Uploading videos could start make other drivers aware they are being watched and will make them more careful. All most drivers want is to get to where they are going safely.

"Driving on the road should not be more stressful than it has to be. And careful and law abiding drivers means less injuries on the roads."

Do you think bad drivers should be shamed online?

This poll ended on 08 August 2015.

Current Results

Yes, shame the bad drivers so they learn a lesson


No, maybe they were just having a bad day


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