NOTHING BUT NET: New Gympie Basketball Association president Miguel Galy.
NOTHING BUT NET: New Gympie Basketball Association president Miguel Galy. Contributed

New president jumps into Gympie basketball

When did you first hear of the Gympie basketball competition?

I moved here in 2011 but did not hear about the competition until 2012 and only after speaking to someone who played did I find Gympie basketball.

We have discussed how it was hard for me to even find the association and have decided increase the promotion of the club particularly through schools.

How long have you been president at Gympie basketball?

I have only been president for a month and a half now since the committee has been elected. I am fresh on the boat.

Since the committee have been chosen so have the dates for the beginning of the juniors and seniors competitions with the senior men and women sign-on dates this Saturday from 12-4pm or Tuesday from 6-8pm, with juniors not commencing till August.

Why has the basketball season only getting under way now?

The selection of the committee was a bit behind, but we are slowly getting back on track for the second half of the year.

Next season next year the association will look at getting Gympie basketball more widespread.

What is your main priority for the association at the moment?

Organising the competition at the moment creating a stronger junior and youth portion of basketball.

We are currently putting notices in school newsletters and hope to approach schools with the idea of putting in school teams and maybe even holding a few basketball clinics.

I studied physical education at University and am focused on years 7-12 and create a strong juniors program that can then look at progressing to the men's and women's competitions.

How many years have you been involved with basketball?

I have spent 37 years doing basketball.

When did you first start playing?

I first started playing basketball when I was eight years old in South America and played high school and college basketball in Canada.

When did you move to Australia?

I came here in 1997, but have only recently come back in the last four years. I don't miss the minus 30 degree weather at all.

Why did you first get into the sport of basketball?

My older brother Bob by eight years was big into basketball and while I was studying at a private school in Venezuela I was drawn to it because it is such a big sport over there.

What other sports have you played or coached?

Volleyball and European handball.

Do you play in the men's competition in Gympie?

I try, but my body will not always let me.

How is the women's team coming along?

The year before I joined the club the women's Cooloola Comets team had won in the representative competition but the association has struggled with numbers since.

I coached women's basketball before and found they were a lot better at listening and am happy to there are at least four teams entering this year's Gympie Basketball women's competition.

What is the standard of Gympie basketball like?

The quality of the comp is competitive, but could always be better. The regional teams which are currently in B-grade, but if we can draw quality players I think we could try bumping up to A-grade.

Player profile

Name: Miguel Galy

Age: 46

Born: Venezuela, South America

Favourite food: Alaskan crab legs

Favourite music: Country

Favourite movie: Jaws

Funniest moment in sport: When I was practising for basketball in high school a girl came to watch one of the players and I was showing off and tried to do a fake pass, but I let go of the ball and it hit her in the face.

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