New jobs not enough to slash unemployment, admits Pitt

EVEN 3000 new Queensland Government jobs promised in the State Budget is not enough to solve unemployment woes.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said unemployment was expected to remain about 6% over the coming years.

But he said employment growth was forecast to improve to 2% by the end of this term.

On Wednesday Mr Pitt told ABC radio the government could not rehire every worker sacked by the LNP, but they had to stick to its jobs' promises.

The Palaszczuk government has committed to hiring 266 new police officers, 977 new and replacement police vehicles, 155 new and replacement ambulances, and 75 additional paramedics.

It brings the total of public servants to more than 202,000.

At the same time, more than 700 jobs were axed from agriculture and fisheries, justice and attorney-general, premier and cabinet, state development and housing and public works.

But the agriculture and fisheries department suffered job cuts and more than 500 jobs were axed from justice and attorney-general's department.

"Putting downward pressure on the unemployment rate will be the enduring challenge of this term," he said.

"There is nothing more important for each and every Queenslander than to have the opportunity to gain work."


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