New approach to Mary Valley issues

GYMPIE region councillors have agreed a collaborative approach to matters affecting the Mary Valley should be pursued by Gympie Regional Council so the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast Regional Councils can weigh in on planning, economic and social issues.

Mary Valley Renewal Team spokesperson Glenda Pickersgill will be pleased to hear the news after writing to council asking for the new approach.

Her letter, tabled at last week’s Planning and Development Committee meeting, stated the renewal team recently identified a number of key actions and of high priority was a resolution on land use issues in the Valley.

“In part this involves the preparation of planning strategies that reflect the community’s vision which has been clearly articulated during the public meetings,” the letter said.

Ms Pickersgill went on to say both the Sunshine Coast and Gympie Regional Councils were preparing new planning schemes and it was timely to combine both councils resources to ensure their strategies were complementary and contained the same aims and objectives.

She said it was important councils engaged the affected communities during the collaborative process.

“Due to the linkages that already exist between the Valley communities it is imperative that each council is working on projects to strengthen and enhance those linkages,” she wrote.

“Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the people in the Valley need ongoing support to overcome the effects of three and a half years of uncertainty.

“The team has witnessed a very strong desire within the community to turn the negativity of their experience into positive actions to build a new future.

“A co-operative effort to assist this rebuilding process would be very powerful and share the responsibilities.”

Gympie Times

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