Nick Green from PC Place has warned of a new scam reported by his customers
Nick Green from PC Place has warned of a new scam reported by his customers Renee Pilcher

New computer scam in Gympie

GYMPIE computer owners were among victims of new scams aimed at parting them from their computer details and their money, according to Nick Green of Gympie computer shop, PC Place.

Mr Green said the emails, purporting to be from Microsoft, presented themselves to recipients as warnings of computer security issues.

"Basically, they say they are from Microsoft and that the victim's computer has issues.

"They say: 'Let us into your computer - give us your computer details', and then they show an error log, which looks dramatic but often is not."

Victims are given a Melbourne phone number which responds with advice that the number has been disconnected.

"Then, five minutes later, they ring back, so it is obviously still connected in some way.

"A person, usually foreign sounding will be on the line offering a contract to fix the claimed problems and to do maintenance.

"They claim the contract is for regular maintenance of computer security issues and ask for a fee.

"To pay the fee, they ask you to provide them with your credit card details. Then, good-bye money," he said.

"They use freeware off the internet to make minor repairs to the often insignificant problems they have found.

"That convinces people they are genuine.

"Then they take details of your credit card and empty it."

Mr Green said his shop alone had experienced several customers, two or three this week already, inquiring about the emails.

"We tell them to go straight to their bank and stop that transaction.

"It is a scam.

"If you have a problem with your computer, just take it to someone who knows.

"Microsoft have taken it so seriously they've issued an alert telling customers that they do not call you," he said.

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