SUMMER HIATUS: The well-known
SUMMER HIATUS: The well-known "made in Gympie” sticker has been temporarily replaced to promote Nescafe's iced coffee potential. Tom Daunt

New coffee stamp is a sticking point

DON'T worry Gympie, your Nescafe Blend 43 stickers will return bigger and better than ever.

That is the message from Nestle Gympie factory manager Richard Jones after responding to concerns from local residents that the global manufacturer had neglected its Gympie heritage.

Nestle has temporarily removed the famous "roasted and blended in Gympie” sticker on the Blend 43 tin.

Mr Jones said he understood the public's concern over the removal but assured it would return.

"We are proud of Gympie too,” Mr Jones said.

"We use the stickers to convey different messages.

"We want to express that it is made in Gympie and we are proud of that.”

Currently the famous Gympie product is sporting the "try it cold” sticker.

Mr Jones acknowledged the change of sticker was a marketing ploy but also a vital way to communicate the diversity of the Blend 43 product.

"As we hit summer we want to encourage people to try it cold,” Mr Jones said.

"Blend 43 is ideal for a frappe.

"I have worked all over the world and in Greece for instance the majority

of Nescafe is consumed cold.

"The reality is we have about two more weeks of the 'try it cold' and then we will go back to the original sticker.

"It was just another way of telling consumers it was another way of drinking Nescafe.”

However, Mr Jones said the company would make more of an effort in the future to pass that message on to consumers and acknowledge Gympie's proud attachment to the brand.

"It is a good reminder for us to tell the community when we make these changes,” Mr Jones said.

"It is a wake-up call for us to keep the community up to speed.

"We know people love the Blend 43.”

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