Greg Dufty with his ex-partner and daughters.
Greg Dufty with his ex-partner and daughters.

Killer’s ‘remorse’ over father’s murder

ONE of Greg Dufty's convicted killers has for the first time expressed remorse over the Gold Coast father's slaying.

Nelson Patea, the brother of Tara Brown's killer Lionel Patea, this morning faced a parole hearing, only six months after being convicted of Mr Dufty's murder in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Patea's bid for release has been made to the Parole Board Queensland under the new No Body No Parole laws that keep killers behind bars if they do not reveal the location of their victim's body.

Greg Dufty was killed in July 2015 by a group of men who struck him in the head with a shifting spanner before he fell to the ground and was kicked to death.

Greg Dufty.
Greg Dufty.

Patea was sentenced to eight year's jail over the death in May alongside his brother Lionel, who was sentenced to a second life-sentence for Mr Dufty's murder.

Patea's cousin, Aaron Crawford, who claimed to be Mr Dufty's best friend, also pleaded guilty in May to the man's murder at Nerang on the Gold Coast about three years ago.

Crawford has confessed to helping to dispose of Mr Dufty's body.

Two other men, Clinton Stockman and Liam Bliss were sentenced over the killing in February.

The group, along with several other man, bashed Mr Dufty to death after finding out he had stolen about $17,000 worth of cannabis from a northern NSW drug cop they had been running.

His body has never been found but it is believed Mr Dufty's remains were burned at the location of the cannabis crop in northern NSW.

During the parole hearing today, Patea's defence lawyer Campbell MacCallum told the court his client did not know the location of Mr Dufty's body and only found about how the remains had been dealt with through the statement of facts tendered to the court during his sentencing hearing.

Nelson Patea, brother of Tara Brown’s killer Lionel Patea.
Nelson Patea, brother of Tara Brown’s killer Lionel Patea.


He said he only learned of the disposal of Mr Dufty's body though statements made by his co-accused.

"The schedule of facts and sentencing remarks give them a good indication of Nelson Patea and Mr Patea's capacity to properly co-operate," Mr MacCallum said.

"He simply doesn't have the capacity and it shouldn't be a impediment to his release on parole and he has indicated if he could co-operate, he would."

Patea, who gave evidence from jail via video link in the hearing this morning said he was "regretful and remorseful" about what had happened to Mr Dufty.

"When you were sentenced do you remember the judge allowed Mr Dufty's then partner Sharni … to make a victim impact statement?" Mr MacCallum asked.

"Yes," Patea replied.

Mr MacCallum asked Patea how he had responded to hearing the statement in court during his sentencing hearing.

"I couldn't believe it," he said.

"How did you feel?" Mr MacCallum asked.

"Really sad and really down," Patea replied.

Mr Dufty's mother left the courtroom after hearing this response.

The Queensland Parole Board will reserve their decision relating to the No Body No Parole aspect of Patea's bid for release.

He will have to make another application in relation to his general release on parole, the hearing was told.

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