Tinker. RSPCA

Need a new friend? Here's 10 waiting at the RSPCA

IT'S A new year, and if you're looking to make a new friend to share it with then we've found just the ones waiting for you at the RSPCA


Bounty. RSPCA

Age: Two years, four months

A special home is needed for Bounty. Larger than life, he is big character and needs someone who understands him.

It is best if he avoids a family with other cats or small children as he can play a little rough.!!


Crystal. RSPCA

Age: One year, six months

This stunning girl just wants to be a cat. With beautiful eyes, she can switch quite easily from being affectionate to curling up in a quiet place.


Donovan. RSPCA

Age: One year

Donovan is a handsome young man who is looking for a new place to call home.

He is a fluffy boy so will keep you warm on a cold winters night, and loves to sit on your lap and get brushed and watch TV with you.


Gypsy. RSPCA

Breed: American staffordshire bull terrier (mixed)

Age: Two years, 11 months

GYPSY is super sweet, affectionate, and looking for a new home.

She loves company, the beach, being inside and having a good cuddle and would make a great companion for anyone.


Hudson. RSPCA

Breed: Kelpie/American staffordshire bull terrier (mixed)

Age: Four months

HUDSON is a young fella seeking his new forever home with a safe backyard and a few things to keep him happy.

He is eager for lots of training, and is a good learner - but he really does need a family which can teach him everything he needs to know.



Breed: American staffordshire bull terrier/great dane (mixed)

Age: Three years

KING has become the king of the shelter, at least in his own mind.

A big, beautiful boy, he is looking for his new home - but because a touch on the big side he will need to meet any other dogs or small humans in your family first.


Miley. RSPCA

Breed: American staffordshire bull terrier (mixed)

Age: Seven years, six months

A TOUCH older than some of the RSPCA's other guests, Miley is hoping there is a great family out there to take her home and love her forever.

She will need to meet any smaller dogs and humans in our family, but she's sure to get along with them.


Pedro. RSPCA

Age: Nine months

PEDRO is a cheeky looking to find a great family home to love him forever.

If this is you, why don't you come why don't you come back to the shelter and meet me for the first of what will be many snuggles in the future.



Breed: Labrador retriever/bullmastiff (mixed)

Age: One year and 11 months

THOR is a lovely boy who likes to play and romp with his doggy friends.

He has been known to jump rather high so good fencing to keep him nice and safe is a must.


Tinker. RSPCA

Age: One year, three months

TINKER is a shy girl when she first meets you but once she gets to know you she is sweet and cuddly and loves to curl up in your lap and watch TV with you.

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