Navigation business booms on back of mining industry

Colin Hall and Phil Neidler from Leading Edge Telecoms in Newtown.
Colin Hall and Phil Neidler from Leading Edge Telecoms in Newtown. Bev Lacey

MINING is not the only thing that is booming, according to a leading Toowoomba businessman.

Phil Neidler says it's thanks largely to the mining industry that his business is also experiencing a boom.

Mr Neidler, along with Colin Hall, are the owners of Leading Edge Telecoms in Newtown.

"We moved the old business out of Gardentown shopping centre and relocated to its current site in Newtown.

"We decided to focus heavily on business customers after the move. While we still do some personal work, it is not the focus of our business these days.

Mr Neidler said he tapped into a lucrative market suppling Navman Wireless systems to his ever-growing client base.

"With the mines, if you do not have vehicle tracking then you are not allowed on-site.

"Their research shows that 75 per cent of workplace accidents involve a vehicle.

"If an accident occurs on-site, it potentially could shut it down costing upwards of $2 million per day."

Mr Neidler said his business sold more than 300 Navman Wireless systems each year.

"Companies are streamlining their businesses and adopting the new technology," he said.

"As of January 1, 2013, laws were changed so a vehicle was now classified as a workplace.

"It places more emphasis than ever on employers to be responsible and ensure safe workplace conditions for their employees."

Mr Neidler said he believed the new technology would become mandatory in all vehicles in the foreseeable future.

"We are on the verge of becoming a gold dealer for Navman Wireless systems.

"We will be the sixth in Australia and the first in Queensland."

Mr Neidler said the Navman Wireless system was also handy in preventing crimes and catching those who committed them.

"We had a client who had their vehicle stolen recently. By using the technology they were able to pin-point where the vehicle was located and recovered it within half-a-day of it being stolen," Mr Neidler said.

"We had another client who had their vehicle stolen and the thief used it to commit a break and enter.

"The police approached us to get the data from the system and using the data they charged him with a further three crimes."

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