Alleged Nauru sex assault victim interviewed in public

A SOCIAL worker who spent time at the Nauru detention centre has claimed she had to interview a 16-year-old boy in public after he was allegedly sexually assaulted by a cleaner.

Social worker Kirsty Diallo, who has worked with sexual assault victims, said she had to interview the boy "under a tree" in public after he was indecently assaulted by a Nauruan cleaner in November 2013.

While she was not involved in the investigation, she said she was the child protection worker for the child, and she had never had to interview an alleged victim in such circumstances in Australia.

In her submission to a Senate inquiry investigating the detention centre, she also said options normally available in Australia were not available to the more than 100 children then detained.

Nauru does not have comparable child protection laws to those in Australia.

Ms Diallo also claimed she was told not to contact Nauruan police about the incident. Instead, she was told to contact security firm Wilson's Security.

Her then-employer, Save the Children, could not verify the social worker's claims as protocols surrounding reporting of child abuse were not in place at the time.

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