Spotlight on wildlife carers

HOMELESS and hungry, an orphaned yellow-bellied glider wouldn't have lasted long in the bush.

Found at Glenwood recently, the rare marsupial's chances have improved dramatically thanks to the dedication of Gympie wildlife carer Paula Rowlands.

This month Australia Post celebrates the work of wildlife carers and wildlife-caring organisations with the release of the Wildlife Caring: Rescue to Release stamps.

The stamp issue gives national attention to the work of volunteers rescuing and caring for sick, injured and orphaned native animals.

Mrs Rowlands, Gympie region co-ordinator and Wildcare Australia carer, said a typical day for a carer involved a lot of time, effort and money.

“As carers we receive no funding from the government – everything we use we pay for ourselves, and that includes pouches, cages, aviaries, fences and fuel when we pick up an injured animal,” she said.

Gympie carers often travel long distances to rescue animals, take them to the veterinarian and, after treatment and rehabilitation, transport them back to their original habitat for release.

Australia Post philatelic manager Michael Zsolt said Australian native animals were some of the most remarkable in the world, but it was a sad reality that many are injured.

“With their plight further impacted by dwindling habitats, bushfires, floods and other natural disasters, it is important to recognise the work of rescuing and caring for native animals.”

If you would like to be a wildlife carer or could offer help with fundraising or donations, call Paula Rowlands on 5483 7777.

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