Nando’s Steven Davison holds one of the promotional condoms handed out with food at his popular Rockhampton store.
Nando’s Steven Davison holds one of the promotional condoms handed out with food at his popular Rockhampton store. ALLAN REINIKKA

Nando's condom deal

A CONDOM giveaway with chicken meals has some customers of a popular North Rockhampton restaurant crying foul.

They claim the cheeky promotion is a cheap and offensive publicity grab.

But Steven Davison, the owner of Rockhampton’s Nando’s store, yesterday said he wasn’t concerned about a small number of complaints as long as the condom giveaway got people talking about his business.

“It’s about getting people talking and getting our name out there,” said Steven, who has run the restaurant since October 2008.

“Our head office in Melbourne likes the cheeky promotions that get people talking.”

He said the promotion, which was developed a few months ago, caused a stir in Melbourne when it ran there and he doesn’t see why Rockhampton would be any different.

“We only started it about one week ago and I’ve got about 100 condoms all up (to give away),” Steven, 23, said.

The condoms come in packets which have a cheeky play on words, “not for soft c...ks”, on the wrapper.

Steven said the promotion followed previous television advertisements that had already raised eyebrows across Central Queensland.

These included a pair of chickens mating and another with sexual references as a woman bought a meal.

He said “there was no reason” why Rockhampton was chosen as one of the few cities in the country for the promotion.

“We had the marketing guys here a couple of weeks ago and we decided to give it a go,” Steven said.

One customer who contacted The Morning Bulletin yesterday clearly wasn’t impressed.

The woman said a young colleague of her’s also found the promotion offensive.

“Everybody has a right to advertise but where are the morals and values,” the woman said.

“This is going too far.”

And there’s plenty of support in the wider world for her, with a Boycott Nando’s website set up against the company’s controversial marketing approach.

“It is important that people are held accountable for their actions,” the site says.

“Why should the creators of this advertisement escape public scrutiny?”

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