NAMED: Men who faced Chinchilla court for violent acts in 2020. Pic: Supplied
NAMED: Men who faced Chinchilla court for violent acts in 2020. Pic: Supplied

NAMED: Men who faced Chinchilla court for violent acts

THE Chinchilla courts heard distressing cases involving violent acts committed by men within the community during 2020.

From a dad smashing in a woman's car window, to a man coming at his neighbour's dog with a knife, here's a list of men who escaped convictions for violent acts committed in 2020:


Western Downs Man hospitalised after knife street fight

Chinchilla Magistrates Court heard of the terrifying ordeal a woman and a toddler went through when a group of men arrived at a home while wielding a baseball bat and knife.

On Thursday, June 25, the Chinchilla Magistrates Court heard Anthony John Morgan, 22, was involved in a fight which resulted in a man being hospitalised with lacerations to his head on January 15.

Police prosecutor Jodie Tahana told the court police spoke to a victim, who said she was home with her friend's three-year-old playing in a pool when three men, including Morgan, had arrived screaming, threatening, and swearing at her while wielding a knife and baseball bat.

The court heard officers located Morgan that afternoon at his home, where he admitted to police he was involved in the fight because he was backing up his friend.

Morgan pleaded guilty to two counts of fighting in public and going armed to cause fear.

Magistrate Cridland expressed great concern over the seriousness of the charges.

Considering Morgan's limited criminal history, early guilty plea, and motivation to better himself on his own accord, Magistrate Cridland sentenced Morgan to 12 months' probation and did not record a conviction.



Business owner attacks sister's late-night lover

WHEN the owner of a mechanic business in Miles met with a potential employee at the local pub, his night ended with him begging police to arrest him after he assaulted the man.

The Chinchilla Magistrates Court heard Michael Joseph Fairbrother, 36, and his sister, 32, met with a welder and offered him a job - although things turned sour when the man went home with his sister later that evening.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana said Fairbrother was told the man was in a relationship with another woman, which angered him, triggering the violent assault.

Fairbrother pleaded guilty to one charge of assault causing bodily harm on Thursday, October 1.

Fairbrother was convicted of the assault, and ordered to be released upon a reconnaissance payment of $1000 to be paid to the victim by September, 30, 2021.

Magistrate Mossop said that Fairbrother, "must appear before to court to be sentenced at a future sitting … if called upon within the next 12 months."

"You must in the meantime keep the peace and be on good behaviour."

A conviction was not recorded.



Gas worker kicked vomit around in police cell, headbutted toilet

A young man on parole, Billy James Bawden, faced court for "appalling behaviour" after he drunkenly kicked his own vomit around a holding cell, and was violent towards Chinchilla police officers.

The Bawden, was on a suspended sentence at the time of the offence for the dangerous operation of a car, as well as assault causing bodily harm.

Bawden pleaded guilty to causing wilful damage to police property at the Chinchilla Magistrates Court on Thursday, October 15, and was fined $60

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Bawden his behaviour that night was not normal or civilised and urged the young man to "grow up".

"You've breached probation and breached a suspended sentence… I don't think it is unjust to partially activate the suspended sentence, and therefore I am activating 14 days of that period of imprisonment."

Magistrate Mossop said Bawden would be on an immediate parole release date.

Bawden pleaded guilty to causing wilful damage to police property at the Chinchilla Magistrates Court on Thursday, October 15, and was fined $600.



Drunk man in terrifying knife attack at neighbour, dog

A friendly gesture to invite a neighbour over for a drink quickly turned into a terrifying event as a Chinchilla man was forced to fend off a drunken knife attack - saving himself and his dog from being stabbed.

The Chinchilla Magistrates Count heard the armed drunk man, Timothy Peter James Drysdale, 32, was invited to share drinks outside his apartment complex on Wambo St, on the March 26 at 5pm.

The court heard Drysdale's neighbour told him drop a knife he was waving towards a dog , but he instead lunged at the man - the quick-thinking neighbour then used a chair to disarm Drysdale and wrangled him back into his apartment until police arrived at 5.20pm.

On Thursday, October 29, Drysdale pleaded guilty to; threatening violence to cause fear of bodily harm, obstructing police, assaulting police, and failing to appear in accordance with an undertaking.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told the man, "the reality is, it seems you have a long-term alcohol addiction and abuse problem that you're only now, finally seem to be seeking help for."

Noting Drysdale had no criminal history, Magistrate Mossop sentenced the 32-year-old to 12 months' probation for the following three offences; assaulting police, obstructing police, and treating violence casing fear of bodily harm.

For failing to appear in court, Drysdale was not further punished.

No convictions were recorded for all offences.



Dad punches in woman's window during brawl at BP with son

Chinchilla dad, Robert Arthur Richard Farrell, was involved in a brawl with his son, when he punched his way through a woman's car window at the Chinchilla BP service station on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

Farrell pleaded guilty to public nuisance, and a wilful damage charge at the Chinchilla Magistrates Court on Thursday, February 6.

Police prosecutor Jodie Tahana said police were called to the Chinchilla BP at 11pm after receiving reports that several people were involved in brawl outside the service station.

Farrell was placed on good behaviour for four months with the condition he pay $200 compensation to the victim to replace the 2008 Toyota RAV4 window, and no conviction was recorded for the offence.


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