Matthew Lawrence Grimstone and Kara-Lea Mayfield
Matthew Lawrence Grimstone and Kara-Lea Mayfield

NAMED: Drug dealers of the Gympie region

FROM selling to friends to dealing in thousands of dollars worth of drugs, here are some of the men and women charged with supplying drugs in the Gympie region in recent years.

Busted in Gympie with $160k of ice in his car

The court heard it started as a way to cope with his stepfather's death, but Andrew Robert Hughes was soon selling five ecstasy pills a week and half a gram of ice a day.

To finance drug debts, Hughes became involved in trafficking cocaine, ice and ecstasy, making deals across the Queensland coast.


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However, the Mackay man's deals were being observed by undercover police for seven months during an operation which saw them spend $53,000 on drugs.

In October 2015, Hughes was busted by police in Gympie who found 998 grams of ice, worth about $160,000 in his car.

The boilermaker was caught discussing ice deals and could supply buyers with wholesale prices in deals worth thousands of dollars, and $432,000 cash exchanged hands during the whole "intense" trafficking operation.

After appearing in the Brisbane Supreme Court in 2017, Hughes, then 27, was jailed for seven years on nine charges, including trafficking and possessing dangerous drugs, with parole eligibility after two years.


Matthew Grimstone
Matthew Grimstone

Man who rode stolen horse into pub in court for dealing

A Gympie man who previously rode a stolen horse into Gympie's Jockey Club Hotel and punched a stranger in the face, found himself back before the courts, this time on several charges of supplying meth.

On January 31 this year, police with a search warrant for another man, raided a house in Gympie where they found Matthew Lawrence Grimstone, 25, and discovered he had been supplying the wanted man with meth.

Grimstone's phone was seized by police to be analysed, and messages revealed details of previous drug deals.

Grimstone had sold the man 0.5g of meth or a substance containing meth for $100 in early January, later that month, he sold him the same quantity again for $100, and towards the end of January he sold another person 0.2g for an unknown price.

Grimstone faced the Gympie District Court earlier this year and pleaded guilty to three charges of supplying schedule one drugs.

Grimstone's 83 days in pre-sentence custody was declared time served, and he was given a head sentence of 12 months jail, suspended for 12 months.


Kara-Lea Mayfield outside Gympie District Court, April 2020
Kara-Lea Mayfield outside Gympie District Court, April 2020

Meth-supplier mum halted court with medical emergency

A mum who supplied dangerous drugs to her friends and for herself was half an hour late for her sentencing in Gympie District Court earlier this year, and then suffered such severe chest pain half way through her appearance that the court had to be adjourned.

Kara-Lea Mayfield, then 26, pleaded guilty to six charges of supplying dangerous drugs when she appeared, supported by her mother and her two siblings.

On June 4, 2018, two men were detained by police when they searched a Southside address.

Phones and a SIM card found there revealed six messages from Mayfield over a two-month period, arranging the supply of methamphetamine for herself and others.

Crown Prosecutor Katrina Overell said all the amounts were small and for personal use.

She was remanded in custody late last year and served five days for possessing a knife and utensils.

The court treated the severity of the drug offences as "street level supplies".

Judge Bernard Porter said supplying dangerous drugs was a very serious offence which needed a strong deterrent.

Mayfield was placed on two years on probation with two specific requirements including submitting to regular drug tests and that she submit to psychological treatment.


Daniel Anthony Wakelin was driven from Gympie District Court after a judge described the decision not to jail him as
Daniel Anthony Wakelin was driven from Gympie District Court after a judge described the decision not to jail him as "borderline."

Dealer recorded his own confession

A Gympie region man might have got away with only being charged with low-level commerciality, had it not been for a recorded statement in which he admitted to moving "$3000 worth of s---."

Daniel Anthony Wakelin pleaded guilty in the Gympie District Court late last year to five counts of supplying amphetamine-related drugs and four of supplying marijuana and possessing items used in the commission of a drug crime, all between August 8 and December 16, 2018.

Wakelin also pleaded guilty to less serious charges of possessing drug utensils, including drug pipes.

It was fortunate for Wakelin that it remained unknown what the drug mentioned in the recorded statement was, Judge Gary Long said in his sentencing remarks.

He said Wakelin was close to serving actual prison time, considering revenant previous convictions.

It was "borderline" he said.

He sentenced Wakelin to 18 months' jail, with immediate parole.


Too busy to get high after 'pernicious' drug dealing

In August 2018, Rebekah Louise-May Treveton faced the Brisbane Supreme Court after police in Gympie found $3800 cash and the drug ice in her car.

Treveton, then 33, pleaded guilty to several charges including supplying drugs, and the court heard Treveton had once offered to supply ice in a deal worth $650.

Justice North said the highly addictive drug "ruins lives" and any meth dealing was reprehensible, even if done partly to afford one's own addiction.

A prosecutor said Treveton had a criminal history littered with drug offences and multiple bail breaches, but defence counsel Scott Lynch said Treveton now lived in Kingaroy and had "finally turned her life around".

Mr Lynch said she was busy working two jobs and was drug-free.

Treveton was sentenced to 15 months' jail, with immediate parole release.


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