My Secret Playlist - Katy Perry

Ever since she Kissed a Girl, American singer-songwriter Katy Perry has been on everyone’s lips. Literally. Risque? A little. But fun all the same, as her Playlist proves.
Ever since she Kissed a Girl, American singer-songwriter Katy Perry has been on everyone’s lips. Literally. Risque? A little. But fun all the same, as her Playlist proves. My Secret Playlist

Each week My Secret Playlist invites their favourite bands and musicians to give a rundown on eight of their favourite songs right now. Today's playlist comes from good-time pop darling Katy Perry.

Robyn / Handle Me
This new record is amazing and the story of Robyn’s career rising from the ashes is inspiring. This song rings true with me. I have had boys in mah life that couldn’t handle me. Listen to those lyrics!

The Ting Tings / Shut Up and Let Me Go

I have been a big fan of this duo for a while and happened to catch their set at SXSW in the middle of the day. It was rad. She don’t give a damn.

Madonna / Beat Goes On
Madge has been sending me love lately and I’d like to send it right back. I like the production on this song a lot — it’s fresh and reminds me of the Music record she did, which I adored.

Coconut Records / West Coast
I like Jason Schwartzman as both an actor and as an under-the-radar musician. This song plays in my head every time I leave my lover.

Goldfrapp / A & E

I never really paid attention to Goldfrapp because I already had my Madonna and if I needed change I would do Kylie for a minute, so I figured I had that covered. Until I started watching Goldfrapp’s music videos. They are amazing, weird, artistic, high fashion and beautiful. I just like the sound of this song while on the road in the middle of nowhere in South Carolina. The trees kinda sway to it.

Yelle / Je Veux Te Voir

Dude, Yelle taught me how to speak French. Awesome. This song is ridick and she brought Techtonic dancing to the mainstream (Frenchies) That’s like Madonna bringing Vogue-ing to the world. Plus, have you seen this video?! Insanity.

Queen / Killer Queen

This song made me love music. I remember my friend putting it on and my world went into a slow motion cinematic Sophia Coppila, Virgin Suicides moment. It was surreal. I finally heard the song that I thought was written for me. And it’s a wonderful thing to hear a song and feel like it’s yours.

Meiko / Hawaii

Meiko is a friend of mine and an up and coming singer-songwriter. We went to Sundance one year with a group and the first time I met her was in a Jacuzzi. She’s rad and this song makes me cry.

For more music discoveries from your favourite artists, head to My Secret Playlist.

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