Stacey Rosewarne plans to buy 100 presents for each of the children and estimates she’ll spend $7600 in total come December 25.
Stacey Rosewarne plans to buy 100 presents for each of the children and estimates she’ll spend $7600 in total come December 25.

Mum’s insane spend on Christmas presents

A Christmas-obsessed mum has already splashed out $4750 on gifts for each of her three kids after she started shopping on Boxing Day last year.

UK nurse Stacey Rosewarne, from Somerset, plans to buy 100 presents for each of the children and estimates she'll spend $7600 in total come December 25.

The 38-year-old will lavish kids Amber, 13, Jacob, 7, and Ebony, 6, with Nike Air trainers and GHD straighteners.

Stacey's also wrapped up designer gear like a North Face coat, two Adidas tracksuits and T-shirts and leggings from Nike as well as a studio mirror with backlight and a gold chain.

She said she was worried the presents wouldn't fit in the children's bedrooms, but she usually had a clear-out before Christmas to make space.

"My sister thinks I go over the top - she does enjoy Christmas but believes there is a limit to buying presents," she said.

"My partner Darren says I'm spoilt because he had a different upbringing to me, he only got five presents.

"Luckily, when I was younger we were in a more fortunate position - my mum worked so hard and overcompensated at Christmas time because we didn't see her as much."

"I know I spoil my children and some might not have the same idea as me, but I'm following my mum's tradition and I always remember Christmas as a time to spend with family opening presents.

"I work really hard to buy these presents for my family and find present buying really exciting."

As well as her own kids, Stacey splashes out on Darren, his two kids, her sister, nieces and nephews.

Darren, 40, earns about $61,000 in his waste management job, and Stacey admits they do spoil the kids - but she says it's their choice what to spend their hard-earned cash on.

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but surely as I earn my own money, I'm allowed to spend it as I please," she said.

"I try to give my children everything I saw my mum struggle to get me and my sister.

"For me, it's all about watching my children open their gifts and seeing their reaction."

The Christmas-mad mum puts cash away in her present fund every month and scours for bargains on Facebook money-saving groups.

"It's a lot harder to shop for presents nowadays because children want more expensive things - I wouldn't be able to do it if I didn't budget," she said.

"My biggest challenge this year has been trying to find my eldest daughter Amber presents because she wants more technology and branded things which are quite expensive - I can't get her the latest Barbie anymore.

"I do think that there is so much pressure on children to have the latest things these days."

Stacey keeps her mountains of presents in the spare room in her three-bedroom house until she has time to wrap them.

"One time I drove around with a big sloth teddy in the boot for weeks because there was nowhere to hide it in the house," she said.

"Sometimes I've accidentally bought the same thing twice and I don't know about it until I get round to wrapping them all up."

And if any presents aren't getting used, she tries to re-gift them to less fortunate families.

She said: "I've found a few presents I got for Ebony last year that haven't been out of their cellophane, so I plan on re-gifting these on an internet site for families in less fortunate situations."

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