Tania Roy
Tania Roy

Mum who cleans toilets reveals worst things she’s seen

A GYMPIE mum who cleans toilets for a living has told the Daily Mail Australia about the worst conditions she has experienced in her career - and how it is not always children who make the biggest mess.

Mother-of-three Tania Roy, 47, has cleaned toilets - including those in some of Australia’s biggest stores - in regional south-eastern Queensland for the past 15 years, the Daily Mail Australia reports today.

“She said if she saw a toilet which had not been flushed it would make her vomit nine times out of ten,” the article reads.

She told the Daily Mail some toilet users even used customer bathrooms as a way of stealing from the store.

“Customers in shopping centres - your average day-to-day people - are worse than pubs and clubs,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“They don’t flush and it doesn’t matter what’s in there. Also, if it ends up on the toilet seat they don’t wipe it.

“I’ve had people wipe faeces on the wall and seen urine all over the floor.’

Worst of all, she can tell some of the mess smeared over the walls was the work of adults and not children.

‘I can tell from the finger marks and the size of what’s left in the toilet they’re not kids,’ Ms Roy said.

Ms Roy is also the founder and manager of the website Australian Sex, DV offenders and child abusers exposed.

The website founded and run by Tania Roy
The website founded and run by Tania Roy

For the full story click on this link: Full-time-Gympie-cleaner-dishes-dirt-Australias-messiest-toilets

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