METH VIOLENCE: A Gympie woman has been jailed over a Cooloola Cove home invasion and kidnapping.
METH VIOLENCE: A Gympie woman has been jailed over a Cooloola Cove home invasion and kidnapping. file

Mum, 28, jailed for kidnapping wrong person over 'bad batch'

A NORTH Deep Creek mother has been jailed until May next year at least, after pleading guilty to a drug-linked home invasion in which an innocent man was kidnapped and threatened with death on April 26.

Gympie Magistrates Court was told Rachel Skye Black, 28, was among a group of people who invaded the wrong Cooloola Cove home in pursuit of a man said to have supplied a bad batch of drugs.

She pleaded guilty to break and enter of a home with criminal intent, unlawful assault and deprivation of liberty.

She also pleaded guilty to entering the Gympie Child Safety office and threatening to invade an officer's home and do her violence, in a dispute involving custody of Black's baby daughter.

Those offences - entering premises with criminal intent and threatening the officer with home invasion and violence, with intent to intimidate - were committed on June 9

Other charges, which magistrate M Baldwin described as comparatively less serious included stealing, repeated bail breaches and possession on March 24 of chemicals, glassware and other items, described by her legal representative as a "boxed lab," intended for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Black had breached bail reporting conditions on May 1 and June 10.

Mrs Baldwin said the Cooloola Cove man's victim impact statement showed he suffered continuing "fear, anxiety, stress and loss of confidence."

His life had also been affected by the time he had to spend going to the police, hospital, counsellors and his doctor.

It had caused serious financial problems because he had lost his job as a result of his fear of leaving the house and because other occupants of the house, also apparently affected by the incident, had moved out, leaving him unemployed and paying the rent on his own.

"A person's asleep in their home and they're interrupted, frog marched out of the house by people who tell him they are going to stab him and kill him.

"I can't imagine the fear, particularly over a drug debt," she said, noting that "people in the drug culture are well known to be crazy."

She said intimidation of the child safety worker was equally alarming.

"These people are extremely caring and concerned to do the right thing for children and particularly babies who need their parents.

"This is an affront to society," she said, likening it to attacks on doctors, nurses and ambulance officers.

She said former Queensland Chief Justice Paul de Jersey had made it clear that the community expected home invasions to attract imprisonment.

"We don't want drug feuds and the drug culture of retribution and vigilante-ism. I have to protect the community from the likes of you," she told Black.

She sentenced Black to two years jail, including 46 days already served, with release on parole on May 15 next year.

Concurrent sentences were imposed for the other offences, including three years probation with drug testing

"You'll spend the first 16 months (after release) on parole anyway and another 20 months on probation with drug testing."

Black's legal representative said Black had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and had sought medical help over feelings of anger.

She had been placed on a potent experimental drug with side effects including aggression and irritability.

She was now on mood stabilisers as well as a less potent bi-polar drug.

The high potency test medication had affected her behaviour, he said.

He said she had felt compelled to accompany people who arrived at her home demanding her help in finding the man they were after.

She had been pressured into accompanying them because she did not want a scene at her home.

The people involved had wanted her present because she knew what the person looked like.

Mrs Baldwin said criminal violence was a characteristic of the drug culture.

"You are going to have to do some thinking about a child who needs a good law abiding parent," Mrs Baldwin told Black, noting similar behaviour in Black's criminal history and the victim impact statement.

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