EARTHQUAKE humour...

Too soon? We say no.

Early reports had the tremor off Fraser Island ranging in strength from 5.2 to 5.7 on the Richter scale yesterday morning, but the only "structural damage" reported in Gympie was one picture falling off one man's wall.

"Get a photo of that," editor of local newspaper told his reporter.

"What, an empty wall?"

"Was anyone trapped under concrete?" someone else asked.

"No but I was trapped under my doona," colleague responded.

Another Gympie bloke posted on Facebook:

"My house is a mess after that earthquake."

Then he posted this:

"Oh wait... I forgot it already was."

Someone else quipped: "Not another natural disaster! The insurance companies will be forcing earthquake insurance on everybody and jacking premiums again to cover their losses."

SHAKING all over

One woman who experienced the earthquake, initially thought it was her medical condition.

"It really was the strangest feeling," she reported.

"I thought: 'That's a strange dizzy spell.'

"Then I noticed things out on the deck were shaking too, so it wasn't just me."

IS THERE no justice?

First we are accused of stealing Warwick's Jumpers and Jazz Festival, then Hervey Bay steals our earthquake - and gets away with it.

We are talking about the quake that struck just east-north-east of Rainbow Beach yesterday morning.

Actually it was directly east of a quite southern section of Fraser Island. But they are calling it the Hervey Bay earthquake.

Well hands off, Hervey Bay. The quake is ours.

WAY out west...

Gympie woman, with childlike but endearing naivety, was staying in a posh Brisbane hotel recently and stepped in the elevator, with her sister, to head down to the lobby.

A tall man with a guitar got into the elevator at the same floor, so the woman said:

"Ohhh! A guitar man! Are you famous?"

"More like 'infamy'!" the muso replied with a laugh.

"I'm with you there," she bantered back. "Everyone has it in-for-me too."

The elevator doors opened at the lobby floor and the musician left with a polite goodbye and a wave.

The sister held the woman back by the arm and hissed in her ear,

"Don't you know who that was?"

Gympie woman shook her head, completely at a loss.

It was James Blundell.

WE DID so too

THE recent anniversary of the landing on the moon brought out the usual theories that it was all faked on video and one very interesting rebuttal, from 2012, by film maker SG Collins.

Reader sent an email of Collins' comments, based on his knowledge of the technology needed to fake it.

In short, his argument is that while America had the technology to go to the moon, it did not have the technology to fake the moon landing in a film studio.

"People forget how primitive video technology was," he argues.

Interesting take (if we can use that particular film and music industry expression): "Faking the moon landing was too hard, so they actually had to do it.

"Now it's the other way around," our informant says. "They can fake it, so maybe that's why they don't bother going there anymore."

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