Mullock heaps near One Mile school.
Mullock heaps near One Mile school.

BEHIND THE MULLOCK HEAP: Quirky stories from around town

THIN walls...

Camping at the Muster can be a treat, especially if the sky has opened up and you have to slog your way through a fair bit of moisture and mud to make it back to camp.

One Gympie woman known to not be a big fan of camping decided to brave a sleepout this year, and picked Saturday night to stay over.

About 60mm of rain got dumped on the Muster that night.

After getting dripping wet and pretty tipsy, she got back to camp, took a shower and collapsed into bed.

She was surrounded by neighbours, some of their tents just centimetres from hers, and some of their nocturnal activities would have been noisy at the best of times.

But these were not the best of times. Tent walls are very thin. Painfully, awfully, disturbingly thin.

One neighbour had what surely must have been a life-threatening intestinal condition, another was either having the time of her life or had some severe cramps.

The best money our heroine reckons she ever spent, however, was on the $10 pair of gumboots from Wayne's World the day before.

CREEPY crawlies...

Not everyone fancies the idea of a refrigerator full of spiders and cockroaches, among other eight and six-legged creatures.

But for one Gympie dad it is all part of helping his daughter with her homework.

Said daughter is doing a biology unit at university, with a current assignment specialising in creepy creatures.

"They have to get themselves an insect and spider collection," Dad explained to work colleagues.

"Trouble is, living in a flat with little to no backyard, they don't really have access to enough nature to give them a choice of insects and spiders to collect.

"And they say putting them in the freezer is the most humane way of finishing them off.

"In my day we used to use nail polish remover," he said, recalling his own biology student career.

"Only other problem," he explained, "when they open the freezer door, they find all these creatures looking back at them.

"Some people don't really approve of having cockroaches in the fridge," he said, "not even in jars."


GYMPIE worker was a little bemused driving through the construction site on the Bruce Hwy near the Gold Nugget service station on his morning commute earlier this week.

A road worker tapped, rather angrily, his go-slow sign as the man drove by.

Taken aback, the driver was trying to figure out why he was being reprimanded for doing the signed speed limit.

And with cars lined up in front of him doing the same speed, he was hardly going anywhere in a real hurry.

"Slap a brightly coloured uniform on a man and give him a stick with a sign on the end and he becomes a monkey with a machine gun," the man recounted to friends.

"We salute you."

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