This driver’s Jeep Wrangler practically turned into a jet ski.
This driver’s Jeep Wrangler practically turned into a jet ski.

Mudlo Rocks put on a 4WD show

IT makes you think twice about buying a second hand 4WD seeing what some owners will do to their vehicles to get around the Mudlo Rocks at Rainbow Beach.

Rough seas whipped up by Cyclone Ului last month eroded the sand around the rocks, making it a challenge for drivers to negotiate even at low tide.

Some brave – or stupid – drivers depending on your opinion put on a show for the hundreds of Easter tourists who gathered at low tide to watch as man and machine took on the rocks.

While some drivers took the slow and steady route gingerly working there way around the submerged rocks, other 4WDs could have been mistaken for boats as the blasted through the water sending spray flying over their vehicles.

One driver in a very new looking Dodge Nitro left underbody parts strewn across the beach after first hitting an underwater wash out at speed and then under water rocks when exiting the surf.

Bystanders on the beach couldn’t believe what they were seeing as one driver after the other put their vehicles on the line and in the water to get up the beach. Amazingly, no one got caught on the rocks this Easter.

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