Mosque restrictions should be lifted

THE move by Toowoomba Muslims to seek a change in the number of people who can worship at the mosque seems perfectly reasonable.

Toowoomba Regional Council recently approved an expansion at the mosque which included a number of conditions.

The key point which the city's Muslims are concerned about is that those restrictions include a clause that no more than 50 worshippers will be allowed at all sessions apart from the noon Friday session where 150 can attend.

Restricting numbers of worshippers in any other place of worship in Toowoomba would result in a huge outcry.


Hopefully this will be easily resolved by council without too much angst.

Founding president of the Islamic Society of Toowoomba professor Shahjahan Khan said they were very aware of the rights of their neighbours and had been proactive in this area.

There are regular meetings with neighbours and community leaders at the mosque.

Parking issues have been addressed. Let's resolve this number issue and move forward.

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