Morning after a trap

IT was an all-too-common story in Gympie Magistrates Court, Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said when Troy Andrew Roberts appeared before her for drink driving this week.

He had been charged the morning after a drinking session after booking accommodation to avoid that happening.

“The morning after seems to catch a lot of people, Mrs Baldwin said on granting Roberts a restricted licence for the purpose of getting to and from work.

Roberts, 30, said he thought he did the right thing by staying overnight at a motel after having drinks with friends.

His vehicle was pulled over by police on Brisbane Road at 9am, April 2, for a random breath test and Roberts’ blood alcohol concentration was .062 per cent.

He said if he waited another hour before driving he would have been under.

Roberts, of O’Meara Street, Gympie, was granted a restricted licence for three months and fined $300.

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