Concern over car registration

QUEENSLAND Transport may need to improve its own data management processes, as well as those of its BPay provider, the Commonwealth Bank, after a second Gympie region resident came forward yesterday with car registration concerns.

Settler’s Close resident Katrina Gardner lost a day’s pay this week when police put her car off the road, because computer checks wrongly showed it was unregistered.

That report prompted Barambah resident Margie Atkinson to contact the paper about what she says was the failure of the department to send her a registration renewal notice, leading to her paying her fees late (with a $59.45 penalty).

“I paid in person and in cash, but it still took from April 28 to May 10 for my registration sticker to arrive.”

Many motorists facing unlicensed driving charges have told Gympie Magistrates Court of their belief that they did not receive a reminder notice, although this does not normally excuse such an offence.

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