More loos a must at Double Island

THE call for more toilets at Teewah and Double Island Pt in my mind is a good one and long overdue. The only toilets at Double Island Pt are on the Rainbow Beach side of the point near the Leisha Track.

On the Teewah Beach side there is nothing but sand dunes and ocean for people to go and do their business.

Further south there are toilets at Freshwater but nothing at the Teewah campsites.

Both sites are extremely busy on weekends and holidays. Toilets would help control the mess at peak times and benefit the environment.

By the number of people using the beach at Easter the government should be making good money from beach fees.

Granted there was money spent on an upgrade of the Leisha Track, which made traversing the point a lot easier, but there should be money in the kitty for facilities at the point.

They would be welcomed by most who visit Double.

Gympie Times

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